Saturday, March 1, 2008

ITIL and the English Language

It is reported that English is the hardest language to learn. It is easy to see why when you spend so much time teaching the vagaries of our articulate enunciation!!

I have to say, ITIL doesn't help. All authors (to the best of my knowledge) speak excellent English - I would have to say - too well!! English is my first (and only) language, but even I struggle with some of the concepts raised.

The nuances of words used create confusion and ultimately a lack of true understanding. Without true understanding it is impossible to appreciate the value of ITIL v3.

BUT - the value is there and I for one will continue to "spread the word" - albeit using far simpler words.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Best Practice Change Control System

The Best Practice Management website offers a KNOWLEDGE CENTRE.

One of the intersesting sub menus there is the CHANGE CONTROL SYSTEM.
This is a central collection point for errors, issues and challenges for all 5 core volumes of ITIL version 3 and other OGC titles.

Once you have registered you can raise issues or change requests against these OGC titles. Issues or changes could include Grammar, Printing Errors, Spelling, Observations and Requests for Change.

IT professionals need to be aware of the official path for registering issues, complaints, errors about OGC's work.

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