Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fail to plan a review is a Plan to Fail !!!!

Failure to integrate a review timetable into the design of any new system or process is a failure to implement that system or process properly.

It is an unfortunate fact that the initial good work of business case justification, requirements analysis, thoughtful design and well managed implementation is let down by a failure to follow up.

How can it be that the very people who design and implement improvements failure to recognize that the premise upon which they based their assumptions and decisions have a very high probability of being incorrect in a short space of time.

The only constant is change. There are just too many internal and external factors at play not to accept this statement. In the ‘heat’ of running a business, everyone becomes too busy to sit and review what is in place and we tend to just all adapt as we go along. While this may be a short term strategy that shows good flexibility; it will eventually create confusion, doubt and disagreement.

The confusion, doubt and disagreement comes when a dispute requires an analysis of what was agreed against what is being delivered. During these times, no one remembers the water cooler conversations that were acted upon “as a favor”. We know this happens so it requires discipline to actually sit and have the reviews and it requires good design activities to integrate those reviews into the bedrock of the new system or process.

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