Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ITIL v2 Managers to v3 Diploma

Well the official syllabus is out for all your ITIL v2 red badge certified gurus.

The target audience for the course is restricted to ONLY those people that have passed the ITIL v2 Managers certificate. It matters not if you have passed every single and clustered practitioner program under the sun and have 50 years of IT Service Management experience; if you don't have the ITIL v2 Managers certificate - then you don't get a start.

For those that do... here is a summary of what to expect.

Firstly, make sure you've read the entire 5 volumes of ITIL v3 BEFORE the course.
Yes, it's true, this is an expected pre-requisite. Good luck with that one to start with... but you have been told.

The course, is based on the ITIL v3 Foundation course - perhaps no surprise there as it cuts down on the amount of work that the examination panel have to do in preparing the syllabus. Because of this, if you are eligible to attend the v3 diploma bridging course -you DO NOT have to attend any ITIL v3 Foundation level study before hand.

Number 3 on the must know list... anything that is not defined in the syllabus will NOT be examined. hmmm take this with a grain of salt, as the ITIL v3 Foundation syllabus may cover a topic, but those who have taken the exam have complained that there were questions like "what is the fourth word on page 175 of Service Strategy" :-)

The training providers are told.. 28 hours is the required contact time and that it is anticipated that most will run a 4 day course (using innovative techniques to get the message across). Well I don't think that the people who wrote this understand that a typical training day DOES NOT equate to 8 hours contact time!!... more like 6 hours... BUT as is the case in a lot of new certification material it will be left to the vendors to setup programs that work, while having to work within "foggy" guidelines.

I will spare you the detail of the actual syllabus.. suffice to say.. you had better spend some time reading the books BEFORE the course starts.. BUT it is wise to point out that the course is ONLY available through accredited vendors, using trainers that has taken and passed the Managers bridging exam themselves and can present a valid ITIL Service Management Diploma.

oh... the public launch is 5th NOVEMBER 2007...

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