Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What to do this year for ITIL training?

The reality in the ITIL Training world for us is that throughout 2008 there are two equally viable choices concerning ITIL Education.

Choice 1 – Follow predominant v2 track, with view to upgrade later.
Choice 2 – Follow predominant v3 track.

The only way I can see that you can assist clients make the right choice is to ask a relatively simple question.

What is the current level of maturity within the IT department towards process driven service delivery?
Based on the answers to this question you can steer the client towards a solution.

Answer a) “huh what is process driven Service Delivery?” – head for v2
Answer b) “We’ve heard of it and begun some initial work” – head for v2
Answer c) “We’ve had staff trained and have some of the v2 processes in place already” – head for v2
Answer d) “We’ve been working v2 for some time now and have seen some tangible benefits” – head for v3
Answer e) “We are mature in our adoption of ITIL and are looking for the next step in our drive for improvement” – head for v3

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