Monday, September 14, 2009

I guess it was just a matter of Time - "update" to ITIL v3

In what must be considered a positive move for the original authors of ITIL v3 a statement has been issued that outlines how ITIL v3 is to be updated to be what, I imagine, it originally should have been!!

The statement is clear to point out that the "new edition" of ITIL v3 is not a new version, but there are some quite obvious issues that look like they are going to be fixed (finally).

Inconsistencies are the biggest issue. Inconsistencies in language, concept, terms, etc. Complexity of the Service Strategy book is another major hurdle that is set to be cleared.

The issues log for ITIL v3 contains 312 issues raised - that are to be reviewed by the change board for this project.

I wonder if TSO will make available complementary copies of ITIL V3 that made the investment in the books, CDS, etc. expecting to find a cohesive framework - which now, by the admisssion of the OGC they did not get.

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