Thursday, February 21, 2008

ISO 20000 Foundation steps into the ring

The recently created series of programs and certifications in ISO 20000 may be the most serious contender to the dominance of the ITIL Framework we've ever seen.

Why? - Because IS0 20000 - like ITIL - is vendor neutral, platform and organizational size neutral. It is also certainly much easier to read, than the current 5 volumes that comprise ITIL v3.

If it was a contest by weight, the ITIL still wins, but in a contest of simple language ISO 20000 has it hands down.

The question has to be asked. Did the authors of ITIL go too far in their revamp of ITIL v3? Was the leap from the process approach to the lifecycle approach too big for most organizations?

Either way, ITIL v3 remains a dominant force and one that is unlikely to be toppled, but in a world of fair competition it is good to see at least one player take up the battle.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

SQMF is ISO 20000 Foundation

Exin are to uncover the name of a new program "IT Service Management according to ISO/IEC 20000".

This new program is an extension of the already popular SQMF (Service Quality Management Foundation) that has been in place for well over 12 months. Ideally suited to IT professionals that have earned certification in other frameworks (e.g. ITILĀ®, MOF, COBIT, ISO 9000, CMMI, ASL) the new Service Management according to ISO/IEC 20000 will offer 4 levels of examinable programs.

The 4 levels offered will be:

SQMF Foundation Level
Professional Level
IT Management Track
Auditing Track

The big news for these programs is that the SQMF (Foundation) level exam will be offered via Prometric & Vue test centres from January 2008.

The SQMF will also be known as the "Foundation Certificate according to
ISO/IEC 20000" and is bound to be a big success for Exin who tend to deliver

The IT Service Management according to ISO 20000 will also offerIT staff who already hold relevant certificates the option of entering the program at an advanced level.

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