Thursday, February 21, 2008

ISO 20000 Foundation steps into the ring

The recently created series of programs and certifications in ISO 20000 may be the most serious contender to the dominance of the ITIL Framework we've ever seen.

Why? - Because IS0 20000 - like ITIL - is vendor neutral, platform and organizational size neutral. It is also certainly much easier to read, than the current 5 volumes that comprise ITIL v3.

If it was a contest by weight, the ITIL still wins, but in a contest of simple language ISO 20000 has it hands down.

The question has to be asked. Did the authors of ITIL go too far in their revamp of ITIL v3? Was the leap from the process approach to the lifecycle approach too big for most organizations?

Either way, ITIL v3 remains a dominant force and one that is unlikely to be toppled, but in a world of fair competition it is good to see at least one player take up the battle.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

ISO 20000 Foundation - now online

Exin have moved up the stakes in the battle for domination of the ISO 20000 qualification market.

Exin have created a very neat ISO 20000 track of qualifications, starting with the ISO 20000 Foundation exam. The best news is that the exam will be available at Prometric and Vue Pearson testing centres.

Self learning packages can be used to cover the topics in the syllabus. These topics are the definitions and principles of service quality management, the position of ISO 20000 against other frameworks, along with the history of ISO 20000.

The syllabus for ISO 20000 Foundation also looks at how a Quality Management System is defined and built as well as an analysis of the ISO 20000 standard itself.

Could this be the start of the big challenge to ITIL v3? Perhaps it is, but I believe that ITIL and ISO 20000 will continue to co-exist. They have to - if one tries to defeat the other it will simply create support from those who wish to see options.

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