Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ITIL Complementary Guidance - status update

When ITIL v3 was still in its infancy we learnt about the 3 aspects. The Core, the Web and the Complementary Guidance.

The complementary guidance being targetted towards ITSM practices in specific business sectors and technologies.

Has anyone seen any evidence of this? I haven't and the only mention I have seen seems to indicate that we'll simply get to see old titles with a new cover.

Perhaps that is reasonable given that a lot of what is in ITIL v3 is also material that already existed as part of v2 (but noone ever read).

I will stand corrected on this point, but I have not seen anything that delivers any Complementary guidance, only the standard marketing messages about what it is and how good it will be.

Waiting, waiting, waiting...



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