Saturday, October 6, 2007

ISO 20000 Scoping Statement examples

There is a lot of confusion regarding the ISO 200000 standard scoping statement. In summary, it is a simple statement that defines the area of interest for an ISO 20000 audit.

The scoping statement has to be provided to the selected RCB (Registered Certifying Body) that an organization chooses to work with. RCB's are appointed by the itSMF and they have auditors that have taken and passed the ISO 20000 Auditors course (2 days) and exam.

The scoping statement will actually feature on the ISO 20000 certificate so it must be carefully defined.

Some examples of a scoping statement are provided here.

Planning, managing and delivery of all internal IT services to <>, as defined in the Service Catalog.

The system of internal IT service provision within <> for the staff located in Dubai.

Provision of the <> and the management of associated systems for the <>, located in London.

From these three examples it is clear to to see that the scoping statement can be defined in terms of Service, Geographic, Functional or a combination of all three.

Importantly, the scoping statement CANNOT include tools.

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