Friday, September 7, 2007

It's official - ITIL v3 Managers Bridge Course syllabus

The ITIL v2 Managers to ITIL v3 Diploma syllabus has been published.

Exams will be available early November 2007 - but the course and exam is only open to those that already hold a Managers (v1/v2) certificate.

The contact time for the program means that most vendors are likely to offer a 4 day course.

The exam is to be a new format. 90 minutes to complete 20 complex, multiple choice questions. The pass mark is also new - 80%!! or 16 correct from 20.

The course will look at differences to earlier versions of ITIL across all 5 volumes of ITIL v3 (and even the new ITIL Official Summary - Introduction to the Service Lifecycle gets a mention).

Trainers MUST pass the exam themselves before they can teach it. Word on the street is that trainers will get early access to the exam so that they can be at least a month ahead of students who can start taking the course.

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