Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What news of the alliance?

December 2006 Exin and ISEB announce their alliance in what appeared - at the time - to be a direct snub of the APM Group (however, recall that in January 2007, both Exin and ISEB signed on with APM Group).

BUT - what of the alliance? I searched both Exin and ISEB web sites today and the only reference I found to the alliance was copies of the press release relating to the alliance announcement.

Neither features the others logo or courses and there does not appear to be anything that would actually suggest that the alliance has gone further than just a statement saying that there was one !

Maybe I am missing something, but can someone tell us what the flow on benefits to the industry has been as a result of the alliance.

The press releases indicated "other alliance members" - did anyone hear any more about that? On the ISEB web site there was talk about a launch event in Q1 2007. Again nothing on the web site and no major news stories have broken that I have seen.

For one, I feel that after 8 months surely there should have been some further announcement. If the alliance lost it's puff after both signed on with APMG then so be it. That is the nature of business, but it may be time to remove the press releases if there is nothing more to add.

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