Monday, August 20, 2007

Just what is the definition of "not for profit"?

I read with interest about the new "not for profit collaboration" between the itSMF and the HDI - Services Futures Group.

I wonder if the term "not for profit" is bandied around a little bit too much based on the past track record of the involved parties.

Picking an example at random. The itSMF web site for many years proudly held itself out to be a "not for profit" body. It is easy to check the words that were used on the home page of the web site over the last few years.

2002 - Not for Profit
2003 - Not for Profit
2004 - Not for Profit
2005 - Not for Profit
2006 - Not for Profit
DECEMBER 2006 - NEW WEB SITE... now redirects to
2007 - No sign of being a not for profit entity anymore

So, right at the end of 2006 and this year the words have been dropped and now the web site redirects to

I am no web guru, but isn't this a bit topsy-turvey. Wouldn't we now expect to see "not for profit" emblazened on the landing page, when the .org is in use.

I wonder if the changing web site is a reflection in the changing commercial interests in the 'formerly known as not-for-profit" itSMF. I wonder if the change is a reflection at all on some disillusionment in the itSMF that is posted on several blogs.

Either way the HDI and itSMF have created the Service Futures Group a "not for profit" collaboration. I will be watching their .org web site with interest to see what "not-for profit" papers, kits, etc. can be purchased there, all under the banner of "not for profit"!!

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