Saturday, May 19, 2007

May 30th 2007 - LAUNCH DATE !!!

Those among us old enough to remember the release of ITIL version 2 are eagerly anticipating the release of ITIL version 3.


Because of the chance to look for inconsistencies, errors, and flaws in the logic. And they are bound to be there....

Your ITSMER will be at the official launch of ITIL v3 coming up in London. The venue is near London Bridge - so lets hope that the structure remains intact (the bridge and the new version of ITIL).

INSIDE TIP: stop listening to all the chat about ITIL v2 being basically the same as v3. WRONG!.. huge differences and your blogger knows this from one on the "inside". The insider is sworn to secrecy; but they do report significant changes.

This begs the question - will the new version be globally accepted? The answer - "let's see in about 12 months". No one knows what the uptake is, but imagine you are a senior IT Executive that 12 months ago decided to pump a heap of investment into ITIL. How do you think it would look if you went to the board to ask for more money as the stuff you've done is now outdated.

Yes - outdated. No secret there; it's all over ITIL v3.. it will REPLACE v2 as a framework - could be some serious issues in that one.

Stay tuned - it's going to be a heck of a ride.

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The IT Skeptic said...

I think it is a bit extreme to say V3 is a replacement of V2. While it is considerably more change than is publicly suggested, it is en evolutionary step from V2... well an evolutionary leap maybe but V2 is still in there somewhere. As I said on the IT Skeptic blog, "A bit like a DOS-based command-line-driven utility being rewritten as a Windows GUI with workflow. The original routines are still in there somewhere but the manuals sure look different!"

Neverless it may as you say be a wild ride because that certainly isn't the expectation set with the public.

May 21, 2007 6:38 PM  
ITSMer said...

Skeptic... I read your comments with interest... here and on your site.

The comment about v3 being a replacement for v2 is literal.

Literal in the sense that Sharon Taylor has spent the last 12 months telling people that v3 is a replacement product - it is not an upgrade (I heard this myself at the itSMF conference in Salt Lake City - 2006).

Also the folks I know that are looking at v3 are burning the midnight oil to try and work out what the heck the new structure actually is. While all the buzz is about "Lifecycle" folks need to wait until they have spent 20 to 30 hours going through the new material before they make comment about the "similarities" in v2 to v3.

Sure there are some process names that remain the same, but there aint too much else.

However, you and I are both working on heresay - we'll have our own chance soon enough.

May 22, 2007 2:22 AM  

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